Monday, January 19, 2009

Fight Not Over
Because Obama Reaches Top

by Eliott C. McLaughlin - January 19th, 2009 - CNN

... Kee-Shawn Smith, 19, a sophomore at the historically black Clark Atlanta University ... said King and Obama have "set the way" for African-Americans ...

"America gives you that one thing -- opportunity," she said. "A lot of African-Americans have to realize we have the same opportunities as any other race, any other culture ... People should take strides to do better than [Obama]."

Neither Obama's election nor the King holiday represent that "we just want African-Americans to have this. It's more a global perspective," said Jeffrey Harrell, 20, a junior at Morehouse College, another historically black school. "It's about everybody."

Today, there are still immigrants and women fighting for rights, there are people who are hungry and others without homes, Harrell said.

"Until everyone is able to take part in what's called the American dream, the struggle's not done," he said.

An amazing article but it is interpreted totally different by most blacks than by most whites. It reminds me of the incredible response to the O.J. Simpson trial, the first one.

There was a black man out in the street in front of the court in L.A.who was approached by a news crew. They asked him how he felt about the verdict. His answer was an enlightenment for every white who heard blacks claim they thought Simpson was "not guilty". "How do you honkeys like it when one of ours gets off?" he responded. Blacks don't doubt that Simpson killed two people. Blacks don't care that Simpson killed two people. After all, they were only honkeys. Simpson getting off was justice not because he was innocent but because he was getting back at white society.

Polls since that time have consistently said that 90% of blacks proclaim Simpson "not guilty" while 90% of whites think him "guilty". This disconnect is an example of racism but it is not white racism. It is a vitriolic black racism that gets worse every year.

The idea that nothing has been accomplished by the election of Obama is not surprising. 90% of Blacks hate America so much that they will not even tolerate being called American. They demand the hyphenated description of African-American to maintain their segregation from this land.

I asked a black acquaintance here in the Inner Banks about the comment above by Kee-Shawn Smith expressing the thought that blacks have equal opportunity. He said that was "Nonsense. Until every black has the same riches as every white, equality is just a joke." To most blacks equal opportunity is not enough. Equal results is the only solution that will satisfy them. That is why I am not surprised that 97% of blacks voted for Obama. Obama believes in socialism and reparations by all whites to all blacks. So does almost every black in America. Many believe every single white person is responsible for every single crime that every single black person has ever experienced in the entire course of human history.

If anything Obama's election will not signal an improvement in race relations. The point of this article proves that. They expect more to be given them from a culture they see as having wronged them. As a result, it could signal the start of an even more vitriolic hatred of honkeys, or whitey, than already has been the norm for 400 years now.


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