Saturday, January 17, 2009

How Crypto-Marxism Won The Cold War

by James Lewis - May 23, 2008 - American Thinker

"Crypto Marxism" --- crypto meaning "hidden" --- is a useful word to describe what's happened in the last twenty years. Because as soon as the Soviet Union crumbled, a host of barely disguised post-Marxist ideologies grabbed the microphones: the Green Movement, now furiously peddling global warming fraud; Third Way socialism in Europe, trying to hitch the welfare wagon to free markets; the European Union, a new autocracy of unelected committees, exactly what the USSR used to call "workers' Soviets"; the unbelievably corrupt, bigoted and self-serving United Nations; and all over the academic world, an explosion of anti-Western and anti-democratic fads like Post-Modernism, Multi-Culturalism, Deconstructionism, Feminism, anti-Zionism, Black Liberation Theology and other repackaged Marx imitations. It was a triumph of image-making and marketing.

Today, crypto-Marxism dominates our political discourse.

What is bizarre is that even fairly rational thinkers like Fred Barnes will not accept that Barack Obama is a Marxist. He just wrote an article today titled The only thing we have to fear ... is Obama, where he denies Obama is a crypto-Marxist. He even stretches credibility with the claim that Obama has managed his transition as a "centrist". It seems to me that Fred is damaging his own case that we should be fearful of where Obama stands when he denies what is obvious to all who have studied what Obama actually says.

Like Michael Steele, another Republican who gives Obama the benefit of ALL doubt, Fred is ignoring the Saul Alinsky background. Obama taught the need for socialists to hide their true intentions and be deceitful. Does Fred not pay attention at all to what Obama has clearly practiced all of his life?


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