Monday, January 26, 2009

Global Warming Is
Causing Global Cooling

by Matt Drudge - January 26th, 2009 - Drudge Report

"I can't imagine the Democrats would want to showcase Mr. Gore and his new findings on global warming as a winter storm rages outside," a Republican lawmaker emailed the DRUDGE REPORT. "And if the ice really piles up, it will not be safe to travel."

Just as happened last year in New York City when Gore's meeting was held on the coldest day in nearly a century, once again mother nature seems intent on making a mockery of the man is causing global warming charade that Gore and his environmental extremists continue to try and sell. Washington expects a huge ice storm to hit the day Gore is scheduled to testify in front of congress on his continuing insistence global warming is a crisis.

As has been reported in article after article, the premise that CO2 is causing temperatures to go up has been disproved, since temperatures have gone down since 1998. It is now 10 years that temperatures have gone down. All that while CO2 is still going up. This contradicts everything that Gore has been saying. Yet the MSM and the environmental extremists just keep acting like their entire premise has not been proved a fraud. This is the second time their fraud has been debunked. Proving that the hockey stick computer program was a fraud should have been enough.

What will it take before the reality hits these people? We no longer believe their lies!

Climate is variable and nothing that man is doing has any significance to the MINOR warming of the last century or the MINOR cooling we have seen for the last decade. Kyoto is a joke and a fraud, promulgated by global socialists who are using this fraud to get control of our nation's economic levers. Not because global warming is real but just because they want to end free enterprise.

Gore is a joke. The proof is his new argument that the global cooling we are experiencing is caused by global warming. What? Just like the idiocy of CO2, there is no rational argument to support this outlandish claim, just an insistence "You have to believe us. Honest!" I cannot imagine what a disaster this nation would have had if Gore had been in charge on 9/11.


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