Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Antidote To Obama

by Bret Prelutsky - January 23rd, 2009 -

I have written with an air of despondency about the bleak future I see for conservatism in America. For one thing, Obama won the election by capturing the votes of virtually every demographic group imaginable, except for older white guys. And the one thing you can say about us, individually and as a voting bloc is that, alas, we’re not getting any younger.

That relegates us to a useless role for the foreseeable future since it has become clear, no one listens to logic any more. Everything is emotion. Certainly no white male has the right to say anything and is not believed if they do. The article below is an example. I was talking yesterday to a young girl who lives here in Colerain. I mentioned the numbers who watched the inauguration and the fact that Reagan drew more raw numbers, and a MUCH larger audience adjusted for population. Her response was I must be lying. Period. She didn't believe me and when I tried to explain she walked away furious that I would even express an opinion.

The Prelutsky solution is funny ... or sad if you really think about it.


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