Monday, January 19, 2009

Gas Prices To Surge
After Pelosi Legislation

- Get ready to pay more!

by Carter Clews - January 19th, 2009 - Get Liberty

Even though the drop in gas prices was predicted by everyone who believes in free markets, and rejected as not possible by all of the liberal government mandate extremists, the current reaction is really fun to watch. In this article Carter includes several examples of those who insisted that ending the drilling ban would have no effect on lowering prices. Prices went down as soon as the drilling bans were lifted They are now explaining why they were not wrong. The article then goes on:

All of which reminds me of one of my favorite Ronald Reagan squelches. It came some two to three years into his first administration, when it had become clear to all by the Hard Left media elite and their political co-conspirators that Reaganomics had, indeed, worked to near perfection. Asked by one of those in attendance at an informal briefing how he felt about his critics continued caviling, the President smiled and responded, “Well, at least now they have to admit that it works in practice – even though they still insist it won’t work in theory.”

That is priceless. It also explains why any bipartisanship in Washington will always be Republicans caving to Democrats. A Republican would be embarrassed and humiliated to be publicly exposed as being that wrong. Democrats have no shame as noted above by the fact that they still plan to end drilling anyway. When the price goes back up they will once again insist that it has nothing to do with their policies, it is those evil oil companies and their speculators.


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