Sunday, March 01, 2009

The New Socialists

George Hahn - March 1st, 2009 - Washington Times

It has now become fashionable for America's socialists to come out of the closet. Elected officials advocating ideological viewpoints that would have elicited derision and laughter only a few months ago are now emboldened to openly promote socialist policies. They feel safe because America's chief executive has embraced an agenda that is quickly moving America toward socialism in which the goal is to have all power vested in the state and any dissent is quashed.

Already the left is screaming that "socialist" is an insult, not a label. They insist anyone who uses it is just a right wing fanatic who cannot have a civil discourse. The irony is the frequency with which this argument is advanced by people who hurl "fascist" at conservatives and libertarians the minute they are being defeated in any discussion. They are trying to equate the use of a label by conservatives with the use of an insult by liberals. They are not the same.

The Alinsky method of dominating the political discourse by tactics resembling a child throwing a tantrum is being practiced constantly by Obama and his followers. Already the left is tearing at Rush Limabuagh with the intent to destroy his effectiveness, preparatory to ending conservative talk radio using a combination of "the fairness doctrine" and a deceitful "local content" rule with the same goal.

With 90% of America, including most conservatives, still getting their news from our socialist dominated newspapers and TV there is only a slim chance this will be stopped. Germans gave up their freedoms to the fanatical Hitler without ever realizing what was happening. There were plenty of warnings all through the 1930s but Germans would not hear. Americans have started down the same path with just as little willingness to listen to those who are warning them today.

This article, and the many others like it, are like a canary in a coal mine. Let us pray that we can get more Americans to listen.


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