Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What Are “The People” Thinking

... As 546 Political Pigs Destroy Their Nation?

by J.B. Williams - March 3rd, 2009 - Canada Free Press

I don’t care what political party you think you belong to. If you are not willing to stand and fight for personal freedom and individual liberty, the fundamental unalienable rights which our Founders established as gifts from our Creator, then you my friend are NOT American…

If you are American, then no matter what party you think represents you in Washington DC, I’m here to tell you that nobody in Washington DC represents you today. We have 546 idiots running legislative roughshod over 310 million American citizens and it appears that the average American has either not figured this out yet, has no idea what to do about it, or has entirely lost their will to be free.

Every American needs to read the facts about how we got in this mess and who put us here. On January 28, 2009, I released a column titled
Congressional Democrats Bankrupted the Nation. If you don’t know this already, then read the column. That’s why I wrote it; so that American citizens would know what went wrong and who is really responsible for it. If you don’t know who or what is wrong, you can’t fix it.

It took leftists just under a hundred years to accomplish it. You have only days or weeks to reverse it ...

Depressing article. Even more depressing because I am afraid that it is true. America is not even paying attention as the socialists of the Democrat Party tear down free enterprise and erect a socialist state that will "force" (Barack Obama's favorite word) Americans to live the way government bureaucrats want them to live.

Every time I see the grinning face of our new President as he blithely tells another lie, I wonder how long will it be before people see through this charlatan. Then I wonder if it is already too late?

These are depressing and troublesome times. Freedom requires a people who want to be free. I wonder whether that actually describes Americans any more?


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