Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why Be A Conservative?

by Christopher S. Brownwell - March 25th, 2009 - American thinker

Why would I choose to be a conservative? Why would I choose the persecution? I am constantly ridiculed for my beliefs. I have been compared to Nazis. Liberals call me a sexist, racist, bigoted homophobe. My intentions are mischaracterized, and then I am judged by those mischaracterized intentions. For example, because I favor policies to help get everyone off of welfare to succeed on their own, my intentions are characterized as trying to keep blacks and minorities poor. These liberals then brand me a racist because they perceive my intentions are to keep blacks poor.

Interesting summation of some basic conservative principles. We don't often think of why our founders created the government it created, nor do we often remember their warning that our system would only work for a moral people. I wonder whether that means our system is doomed to end now that secular humanism has ended the moral foundation of our nation?


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