Monday, April 20, 2009

MSM's Tea Party
Cognitive Dissonance

by Kyle-Anne Shiver - April 20th, 2009 - American Thinker

In all my years of watching news coverage in America, I don't believe I have ever witnessed more condescending, amateurish, purely politicized reporting than what just transpired among the liberal MSM covering America's Tax Day Tea Parties. The Tea Parties represented a very significant news event.

The questions the media keeps asking about the Tea Parties, are themselves a perfect example of their inability to understand the anger that drove the protesters to turn out in such huge numbers.

"Do you understand that you get a $400 rebate?" continues the delusion that this money is free, or comes only from the "rich".

"Don't you know that your state is getting billions from the stimulus?" assumes government is solely about welfare and self interest.

"What programs are you going to cut?" is likewise a focus on the liberal-progressive-socialist view that government is designed to provide entitlements. When you respond with the answer, "Let's start with cutting Wall Street bailouts and useless stimulus," the reporters change the subject and act as if the answer evaded their question.

"Why are you protesting now, when you weren't during GW's eight years?" implies this is new. Are the MSM paying attention? That question ignores that the first Bush lost these same people over the same issue. It cost him re-election and drove the H. Ross Perot movement. It also fails to acknowledge that this same anger cost Republicans in both 2006 and 2008. Does the MSM even pay attention to what is happening in our nation?

When the progressives in the MSM were berating Bush for spending money like a drunken sailor did they understand what they were criticizing? Or was this simply one throw away line in the constant drum beat of hate that became known as Bush Derangement Syndrome. Not that Bush was right. I just cannot understand the hypocrisy of someone who criticizes wasteful spending only because of the political persuasion of the person being criticized.

Nothing in domestic spending that Bush did would have been wrong if it had been done by someone more openly socialist. That is the real criticism of Bush to many in the MSM. He does not brag about being progressive!

Their jokes about a sexual act that had nothing to do with the Tea Parties is not funny and says more about the vitriol that drives them than anything it says about the people who came to these events. It also explains why so many are abandoning the MSM. You cannot trust them. They are liars for the Democrat Party, needlessly perverted and everything they do is biased beyond reason.


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