Wednesday, April 01, 2009

N Korea 'Has Several Nukes'

by Staff - March 31st, 2009 - Associated Press

Japan has deployed battleships and Patriot missile interceptors off its northern coast to shoot down any rocket debris that the North has said might fall over the area.

Tokyo has said it is only protecting its territory and has no intention of trying to shoot down the rocket itself, but North Korea said it is not convinced and accused Japan of inciting militarism at home to justify developing a nuclear weapons programme of its own.

The blatantly leftist international agenda of the Obama regime is creating new problems in the world community. Japan has for nearly 70 years counted on the U.S. to defend it. The passivist stance of Obama has rattled them. There is some credibility to the N Korea belief that Japan is preparing to develop a nuclear capability of their own to protect themselves from both China and N Korea.

This adds Tokyo to the list of cities whose nuking could be the trigger for World War IV.

In only two months Obama has brought the world closer to a nuclear holocaust than it has been since Ronald Reagan ended World War III, the cold war, with out firing a shot.


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