Sunday, March 29, 2009

Socialist Tyranny
Through Alinsky Tactics

Barack Obama is bankrupting America intentionally and using every trick in the Alinsky book to make it happen.

Budget Reconciliation As 'Act Of Violence'? by Liz Halloran

Reconciliation is a powerful, 25-year-old procedural maneuver that allows for the passage of a budget by a simple majority vote rather than the usual 60 votes needed to prevent a filibuster.

As it's playing out now in Congress, "reconciliation" is — take your pick — an indispensable tool for majority Democrats to protect parts of their budget from a filibuster by Senate Republicans; or, in the words of a currently out-of-power GOP Sen. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, an "act of violence."

It is an act of violence. It is well known that European style socialist economies (or neo-socialist if you want to constrain our use of the socialist label with 19th century definitions) have an inherent unemployment more than double the traditional free enterprise unemployment rates. I think it can honestly be called violence to condemn millions of Americans to joblessness under the fiction that they deserve a free ride. It is not a free ride to be dependent on government goons for your ability to live. That is what socialism really accomplishes.

If you have any doubt, just look at what a liberal newspaper in Michigan thinks of the Obama plan.

Obama's budget will devastate Michigan - Editorial

Nothing would make us happier than to hear that Washington, D.C., is poised to solve what ails our economy. Unfortunately, President Barack Obama's new budget is loaded with additional job-killing programs and spending. For Michigan, it will be just one more kick in the gut.

The president's budget calls for the creation of a "cap-and-trade" program that would actually cap and tax carbon dioxide emissions, resulting in the death of manufacturing jobs across the country. Some have said the "cap- and-trade" plan to trade emissions on Wall Street will "sink Michigan."

North Carolina, which is already up to fourth in the nation in unemployment, will continue to close in on Michigan with this incredible waste of money currently being proposed.

People do not yet seem to have caught on to Obama's duplicity. George W. Bush had a budget deficit last year of almost $500 billion. This was a combination of Bush's incomprehensible indifference to deficits and a DEMOCRAT CONGRESS that spent money like it was free. Bush started the bailout stupidity, but he only spent a portion of the $350 billion congress gave him. Obama, by his own choice, spent another $350 billion, then asked for what is still called a "$787 billion stimulus" even though its actual price tag is closer to $1.5 trillion, every dollar of which is deficit financed. Obama then signed the Democrat congressional budget for the coming year with another $500 billion in deficit spending. Total additional deficits, more than $2 trillion. Obama says all of this is George W. Bush's fault. Obama claims this spending is all "inherited" and promises to cut it in half by the time he leaves office.

Well over half of this deficit was not inherited. It was spent against the wishes of fiscally responsible Republicans and a few fiscally responsible Democrats. It is even arguable that NONE of it is inherited. Obama is flat out lying when he says this was "inherited". However notice the deceit in the promise. He plans to cut an inflated and outrageous deficit level back to twice the worst year in George W. Bush's history. TWICE.

There is still a reality that blacks suffer unemployment more than the nation as a whole. If Obama doubles unemployment, who doubts that this will devastate most black communities in our nation?

In my opinion, Obama is not just being deceitful in the Alinsky mode, he is inflicting tyranny on our poorest citizens.


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