Friday, April 10, 2009

Profiles in Cowardice:
Obama Rolls Over Again

by Joy Tiz - April 9th, 2009 - Canada Free Press

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, displaying yet again her legendary incompetence, laughed about the incident [Somali pirates taking an American hostage] when asked about it in Morocco, along with providing the traditional leftist blather about the world having to work together to solve the pirate problem. One can only imagine how Captain Phillips’ family and friends felt hearing Hillary cackle about their loved one’s ordeal. The administration’s cowardly message is unambiguous: this depraved act of terror against United States citizens is to be treated as a criminal act

Lapdog reporter, Steve Holland at Reuters called the hostage crisis an “annoying distraction for Obama.”

Barack Hussein Obama’s friends in the UAE have concocted their own theory as to why Obama is so incompetent: he’s just too talented! Obama is just too smart, too introspective and too talented to be a good crisis manager. It’s all falling into place now.

John Kerry, in his never ending struggle to be relevant, came up with the inane idea of holding Pirate Hearings. Can’t see how that could fail. I vote we let Senator Kerry serve the Pirate Subpoenas.

When asked by reporters about the terrorist act, the current president responded with the plainspoken courage we expect: hey guys, we’re talking about housing now. Translation: the pirate stuff wasn’t downloaded into his teleprompter.

With each additional act displaying his pacifist but narcissistic attitude, Barack Obama is leaving our nation in greater peril. Appeasers always bring on war. This sarcasm loaded article is unquestionably not the last time some writers are going to tear Obama apart.

To date Obama's acts are terrifying to anyone who cares about our country.


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