Monday, April 20, 2009

The Truth About
My Arrest At USC

by John Ziegler - April 2oth, 2009 - Big Hollywood

I have had a rather bizarre career in media, but what happened last week on the campus of USC here in Los Angeles may end up marking one of the strangest and most disturbing episodes yet. I went to USC intending to simply let as many people as possible know that the award for “journalism excellence” they were giving Katie Couric for her Sarah Palin interview was a complete farce. To prove my point, I wanted to give away copies of my film “Media Malpractice,” which has my own Sarah Palin interview as a special feature. Instead, I ended up getting handcuffed, “arrested,” roughed up, detained, threatened, and forced off the premises.

For those that may have missed the incredible video of the incident, here is how the episode was played on Fox News Channel:

Videotape of America becoming a fascist nation

No one raised in America will believe this video. Two police officers enforce the abusive demands of a socialist cabal comprised of the MSM and a private institution controlled by socialist sympathizers.

I will never cheer for U.S.C. again. Obama, the Magic Marxist Messiah and his hate mongering goons are destroying America.


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