Monday, June 01, 2009

Blood In The Streets

Two articles today have caused me a great deal of concern as it becomes more and more obvious that in excess of half our nation has lost belief in America and our social fabric is starting to unravel.

These articles are
Abortion Doctor Tiller Killed and Two military recruiters shot in Little Rock.

Combine that with Obama's arrogant freeing of the Black Panther militants who intimidated white voters in the last election and you start to wonder what can anyone believe? There is no justice in the American Courts, our voters have abandoned freedom based capitalism to accept the failed system of socialism and Obama is paying off union campaign contributions with two totally corrupt bankruptcy filings. Obama has bankrupted America in 110 days and has the audacity to complain "we are out of money now." And Obama goes on a date to New York. Has any President ever before just shut down major parts of an American city just to party? What is happening is insane.

There will be hell to pay if the average American stops believing our nation is basically just and they understand the rules. If there is nothing being retained of what made us great in this orgy of Democrat Change, everyone can decide they might as well start killing their neighbors. The Main Stream Media insists that conservatives and Republicans are finished. So why not tear the country down while we can. We have nothing to lose.

Isn't there plenty of justification to make sure some of this is Democrat blood?


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