Monday, June 01, 2009

Obama, Incorporated

by Rich Lowry - May 29, 2009 - Real Clear Politics

In difficult negotiations with business, Obama has the advantage of sitting at both sides of the table. This makes the art of the deal considerably simpler than when Donald Trump wrote about it years ago. Consider the matter of CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy), the mileage standards that have been resisted by automakers for decades in a multifaceted regulatory and legal battle featuring enviros, the state of California, and industrial-state lawmakers. The other day, Obama snipped the Gordian knot in an offhand swipe with his fingernail clippers.

Whether Obama is some brilliant master of democracy or simply a smart man who has had a run of luck, America will no longer exist if he continues to get his way. The problem we have is that even in the party of business, Republicans are unable to see that Wall Street has abandoned the idea of competition and free enterprise and joined the crony capitalism now being fostered by the socialists.

Someone must find a way to articulate this difference because as long as Wall Street is actually fostering socialism while people think it is the leader of free enterprise, the socialists are dominating both sides of the political aisle. That is intolerable.


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