Wednesday, May 27, 2009

North Korea Threatens Armed Strike

... End to Armistice

by Heejin Koo - May 27th, 2009 - Bloomberg News

North Korea threatened a military response to South Korean participation in a U.S.-led program to seize weapons of mass destruction, and said it will no longer abide by the 1953 armistice that ended the Korean War.

“The Korean People’s Army will not be bound to the Armistice Agreement any longer,” the official Korean Central News Agency said in a statement today. Any attempt to inspect North Korean vessels will be countered with “prompt and strong military strikes.”

Okay Barack. Let's hear you soothe these militant nut-jobs. I mean George W. Bush has been pushing them around and insulting them since the 40s, he caused the Korean War back when he was only a child, so it is all George's fault, right? Remind them again what a nice guy you are and how America is no longer their enemy now that you are our 'ruler'. Remind them again how you plan to surrender and appease them with all your heart.

Why are they not responding? Do they not believe you? Or is the problem that George W. Bush was not the cause after all? Come on Barack. You are the Magic Marxist Messiah. Do your thing. Cool the waters. Calm the seas. Or at the very least calm these raving lunatics who want to start a nuclear war on your watch. Can you do anything? Or are you way too busy firing corporate CEOs and stealing dealerships from Republican owners who are not amenable to your Chicago style political corruption to spend any time defending America?


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