Thursday, May 21, 2009

Obama In Wonderland

by Kenneth R. Timmerman - May 20th, 2009 - Washington Times

"Now, understand that part of the reason that it's so important for us to take a diplomatic approach [toward Iran] is that the approach that we've been taking, which is no diplomacy, obviously has not worked. Nobody disagrees with that."

Actually, almost anybody with a brain disagrees with that. The reason is simple. It is, as most of Obama's "straw men" turn out, totally false. Obama loves this deceitful trick. Saying something that is blatantly false but which sounds good... then attacking that straw man. Usually it is a claim that his opponents believe something that they do not believe. In this case it is a pretense that diplomacy has not been tried with Iran for the entire 8 years of recent history. This article documents the long list of diplomatic initiatives that have been tried and which failed. Pretending that you are going to do something not tried may lead you to the illusion that it has a chance to succeed, however anyone with a brain would wonder why you tried something that has already failed. That is exactly why Obama denies that diplomacy has been tried, by Europe, by Russia and by America.

If it has been tried and failed it would seem reasonable to ask what Obama thinks he can do differently. About the only thing that has not been tried is to diplomatically surrender. This is really the only thing new that Obama brings to the table. A willingness to sell out America's interests.


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