Monday, May 18, 2009

Iran To Mass Produce
Long-range Missiles

by Yaakov Katz - May 19th, 2009 - The Jerusalem Post

Iran is in the midst of a multi-year plan that it hopes will culminate in the production of several hundred missile launchers and over 1,000 long-range ballistic missiles within the next six years, according to estimates in the Israeli defense establishment.

At the time this article is being posted, the Marxist Messiah is plotting to stop Israel from any attempts to interfere with Iran becoming a nuclear and missile power. Obama is certain that the militant and vitriolic hatred of Israel by the Mullahs of Iran can be defeated by his soft words and mellow personality.

The concern that Obama expresses about the impact on the other Arab countries indicates his usual superficial understanding of the situation. Most Arab nations in the area are more afraid of being blackmailed or destroyed by a powerful nuclear armed Iran than they are afraid of Israel, no matter how much they claim to distrust Israel. It is for that reason that Israel suffered no serious retaliation when it bombed the nuclear plant in Iraq. The Arab nations did not want to see a nuclear powered Iraq.

Iran could not have had better luck in their dream of becoming a world power by first getting America out of the middle east, and then conquering their neighbors. Obama is doing that for them, without firing a shot. With that victory, nothing will stop Iran from becoming a world nuclear power with both nuclear suicide bombers and ICBMS to threaten America. In a few short years America will be told to become Muslim or face destruction.

If the pacifist amateur who currently rules America is still President, that threat will be all it takes for our unilateral disarmament. He is already talking about it.


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