Thursday, May 14, 2009

$17 Billion Cuts in Context

by Marc Thiessen - May 7th, 2009 - National Review Online

Think Obama is concerned about fiscal sanity? Read this article that puts Obama's plan to cut $17 billion into perspective at the link

· The Federal government has already provided up to $173.4 billion in financial assistance to AIG, or ten times what the administration is proposing to cut from the budget.

· The Federal government has already provided almost $36 billion in TARP aid to the auto industry, or twice what he administration is proposing to cut from the budget.

· Since President Obama has taken office, total U.S. debt has increased by over $600 billion. $17 billion is less than 3% of new debt created during this administration’s first 105 days.

Obama thinks that everyone will believe anything he says. He says it with such a moderate demeanor and with such great sincerity. Yet he NEVER acts consistent with everything he says. Mostly his acts are the total opposite of what he has said. Why? Since he has taken both sides of almost every issue his actions are only consistent with half of his statements. He is the master con artist of all time. How does he keep getting away with this?

Can Americans really believe the greatest spender of all times is concerned with fiscal discipline? Are Americans really this stupid?


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