Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Obama Picks Electric

Stress Testing Biofuels: How the Game Was Rigged

by - May 12th, 2009 - Energy Tribune

Last week, while the financial world was obsessing over stress tests for fragile banks, the environmental and agricultural worlds were watching the results of the Obama Administration's stress tests for renewable fuels. An outgrowth of the 2007 energy bill, the tests were supposed to document whether corn ethanol and other biofuels designed to replace fossil fuels would accelerate or alleviate global warming overall. But like the much-criticized bank checkups, these stress tests don't seem particularly stressful.

The draft conclusions announced by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Lisa Jackson were that cellulosic ethanol and other next-generation renewables will dramatically reduce greenhouse-gas emissions over their entire life cycle, but that in some scenarios, corn ethanol (as well as lesser-used soy biodiesel) can produce even more emissions than gasoline. Some environmentalists and journalists have portrayed this as a courageous rebuke to the powerful agro-fuels lobby, while some advocates for farmers have complained that the stress tests were too tough.

The reality is that Barack Obama and his radical extremist minions have already decided that the car you drive soon will be electric. That theme is dominating almost all discussions of cars. Most of the reason is that electic cars are not practical outside of cities and the radical liberals who support Obama don't want people living in the country. They see that as damaging nature. If you can't have a car most will have to move to the cities.

Fuel Cells based on hydrogen from water are the most promising of the next generation technologies that could replace petroleum as the basis for a free enterprise society. Obama's radicals just killed fuel cells. Like bureaucrats everywhere they want to pick winners. And they have picked a winner. It is electric cars. They wish to eliminate biofuels for that reason.

These moves to pick a clear energy winner for mobile devices have been made in less than 4 months by our Marxist Messiah. By the time 4 years have passed America will be unrecognizable. It will also no longer be free.


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