Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Without Preparation,
Explanation Or Response

by Tony Blankley - May 6th, 2009 - Creator's Syndicate

In a matter of two weeks, we have gone from witnessing the U.S. secretary of state testify to Congress that a nuclear Pakistan run by Islamist radicals would be a "mortal threat" to America to hearing the administration admit that we have limited options to avoid such a threat.

What are we to make of such a development? I and many others had previously warned of the dangers of a nuclear "Talibanistan" (which have been obvious and talked about for years). Experts I have talked to in the past week do not believe Clinton is overstating the case. Nor do I. She is very careful with her words — and they fit the danger.

If Pakistan's nuclear weapons were to get into the hands of Taliban or al-Qaida, even unlaunched, they would provide the weapons-grade fissile materiel necessary to create a nuclear holocaust, here in the United States or elsewhere.

Few here in America seem willing to even hear the danger. I bet they will care when the nuclear bombs start going off. How many Americans will die due to the willingness of so many to believe the "Hope and Change" nonsense of the Magic Marxist Messiah? He has said he wants to see America changed to a socialist country and 52% of the voters said that was "change they could believe in". They were very excited at the fireworks which accompanied the Obama inauguration. Perhaps they think the nuclear bombs will simply be bigger fireworks.


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