Saturday, May 02, 2009

Cap And Trade
A ‘Declaration of War’

... Say Republicans

by Josiah Ryan - May 1st, 2009 - CNS News

In general, under cap and trade, the amount of carbon that energy producers emit is capped. They can exceed that cap through the purchase, i.e., “trade,” of carbon permits. The money for those permits would be collected by the government and presumably redistributed under a system still being crafted.

“The reality is the cap-and-trade legislation offered by the Democrats amounts to an economic declaration of war on the Midwest by liberals on Capitol Hill,” Chairman of the House Republican Conference Mike Pence (R-Ind.) told

Though the argument between Democrat supporters of this legislation and Republican opponents is focused on an MIT study on the concept, the reality is that European nations are already being devastated by similar legislation that the socialists in Europe "promised" would not raise energy prices before they adopted it there. In fact, IT HAS!

As noted during the campaign by candidate Barack Obama, it will raise electrical rates by nearly double. Democrats ignore the honesty of that statement by their own leader. Obama now waffles and talks around his previous admission, but it is the reality already being experienced in Europe. Cap and Trade will devastate much of America's middle class.


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