Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bring it on, MoveOn

The Cautionary Tale of Furious George

by Jeffrey Lord - April 28th, 2009 - American Spectator

A mere three days into his term the new president [Barack Obama] ordered drone attacks inside Pakistan on suspected al-Qaeda terrorists. Twenty-two people were killed. Not all were believed to be terrorists. According to locals, women and at least three children were killed. On top of this, all manner of once "Top Secret" documents on prisoner interrogation techniques have abruptly been dropped into the public domain thanks to the decision of Obama administration lawyers.


In other words, this very green President of the United States, without a lick of military experience, just bombed a country (Pakistan) with which the U.S. is not at war. Nor did he request a declaration of war. On top of which innocent women and children are now dead. If we are to run with the doctrine according to this, ladies and gentleman, is what the left loves to label a "war crime."

There is never a political administration that does not see their power stretching out forever. As a libertarian in the Republican Party, I was outraged at the stupidity of George W. Bush and Karl Rove. My opposition did nothing to dissuade them from their arrogant belief that they would leave the Republican Party the dominant political power in America for generations by their socialism based "compassionate conservative" philosophy. Their actual legacy? They destroyed the Republican Party by deceitfully violating several of the basic freedom based premises that held the party together. Premises like openness and fiscal discipline for starters. Curiously not satisfied with that liberal agenda the left has instead pounded every Republican with a drumbeat of lies.

Now comes Obama and his minions as they take power, outraged at the arrogance of Bush, they have immediately violated their own principles within days of taking office. The excerpts above are a few of many actions that can easily be used by Obama's numerous enemies to tear these newly arrogant and powerful for now progressives down to a more appropriate level.

I am not alone in carefully documenting each and every one of their crimes. They have spent most of the last 40 years tearing at my heroes and spreading lies so I am ready to retaliate. Scooter Libby shall have his revenge. No quarter shall be allowed until TWO of Obama's henchmen are in jail. That is only a START on getting even.

And they are making it easy! Based on the story above it is justice to proclaim that BARACK OBAMA IS A MURDERER AND A TRAITOR! For these crimes he and everyone he appoints will be brought down. If progressives can make outlandish attacks the rule of the day, so can conservatives. Fair is fair.


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