Thursday, April 30, 2009

Talks Tip Chrysler
Toward Bankruptcy

by Staff - April 29th, 2009 - From the Washington Post

Whatever the outcome, Obama told reporters Wednesday night that he is hopeful that Chrysler can once again become viable.

"I'm feeling more optimistic than I was about that getting done," he said.

Is there anything in Barack Obama's background that would cause a reasonable person to think he knows what he is talking about when he assures us he has this negotiation under control? The very act of jamming this result down the throats of the creditors is FASCISM. It does not vary to any degree from the exact way that Mussolini used government power to dictate to the business leaders of Italy how they would run their businesses in the last century.

The huge stake retained by retirees and the union (which backed Obama in the last election) is against bankruptcy law. Yet I would not expect federal judges, most of whom are Obama lovers, to fail to deliver the corrupt result that is being dictated by the DICTATOR OBAMA. Are the American people truly so stupid that they think government firing business executives is not exactly the type of act that labels dictators in other countries as "dictators"? How then is Obama not a dictator?


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