Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Denied: Bigotry Of The Obamatrons

by Charles Winecoff - May 4th, 2009 - Big Hollywood

Twenty-somethings are fond of declaring, “It’s a free country!” But is it? Really? And what exactly does that notion mean to them, anyway? Because from what I can tell, they believe the First Amendment is a natural phenomenon which, unlike the climate, will never change. At the same time, these kids - who see nothing odd about surrounding themselves with creepy, halo’d icons of The One - mock folks who actually make the effort to exercise their right to free speech on talk radio, at Tea Parties, and at workplace printers.

Talk about a false sense of security. They think this double standard is perfectly normal.

As a young’un said to me not long ago, “But Republicans… aren’t they, like, evil?”

After more than 40 years of our public school teachers constantly brainwashing our children to hate America, who is surprised that our young hate America?

What is amazing is the sexual orientation of the writer and yet he still sees what is happening to our nation, and is concerned. When did it stop being permissable to have a dissenting position in America? When we lost the battle and one party rule took over.

Speak up fast or you shortly will not be able to speak up.


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