Sunday, May 03, 2009

Jews Unwavering
In Support For Obama

by Allison Hoffman - May 2nd, 2009 - Jerusalem Post

Tracking polls conducted through Obama's first 100 days in office show that 79 percent of Jews approve of Obama's performance so far, about the same percentage that voted for him last November.

Only Muslims gave Obama higher approval ratings, with 85 percent responding that they approve of the president. Respondents who identified themselves as nonreligious also indicated overwhelming support, with 73% indicating approval.

The article goes on to note that 67% of Catholics and 58% of Protestants support Obama too.

This overwhelming support from Muslims who are dedicated to destroying Jews while Jews are almost equally adoring of Obama must rank as one of the greatest cons of all times.

It is indicative of the fact that Obama has this moderate demeanor and the mesmerizing ability to convince anyone that he agrees with them. He says whatever they want to hear. No matter what acts he takes on issue after issue that prove he is a liar and a con artist and that his words mean nothing, opinions do not change. People just will not believe he is not "their man".

Amazingly, polls indicate pro-life Christians gave this man a quarter of their vote - even though he has consistently voted to support abortion. Obama has even supported killing "born alive infants" when the mother meant them to be aborted. There is no more savage indifference to human life than Obama's position. Yet when asked, pro-life voters who cast their ballot for Obama were adamant that he shared their views on abortion. No evidence would convince them otherwise.

It is with this example in mind that I wonder what we can do to communicate to the Jews who are so willing to embrace Obama, the horror they are assuring for their beloved nation of Israel. Perhaps it will be like the holocaust. Only after Israel has disappeared will we get the attention of people who just want to believe what they believe and resent anyone daring to point out the insanity of their belief.


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