Sunday, May 17, 2009

How America Lost Its Freedom

by J.B. Williams - May 17th, 2009 - Canada Free Press

The single largest and most powerful political lobby in Washington DC today is, ready… drum roll please… our nations lawyers... who lead the way with their cool $1,015,397,309 investment in political corruption over the last ten years, 73% of it invested in Democrats! Next time you are wondering how the judicial branch became a nine member oligarchy, look at this number again…

For those who truly hate political corruption in DC, this would have to make trial lawyers public enemy #1 as no group on earth can even come close to competing with this group.

Public enemy #2 would have to be the labor unions, which combined, invested over $478,058,579 over the last ten years, and once again, giving 90% of that money and power to Democrats. Why is today’s Fed a believer in “collectivism” and “the greater communal good?” Hmmm... Imagine that! They think and act just like the labor unions! Are you familiar with the “ proletariat” movement? “(in Marxist theory) the class of workers, esp. industrial wage earners, who do not possess capital or property and must sell their labor to survive.”

Socio-economic ambulance chasers run Washington DC for the price of a cool billion in campaign contributions. If you don’t think corruption pays, count the number of lawyers at the head of every branch of the federal government today.

But the labor unions not only set a Marxist proletariat policy in DC, they reap the rewards from trillions in (union bid only) federal contracts, funded by the American taxpayer, 90% of whom are not union members and stand opposed to union thugery in the work place and in Washington DC.

This is one of the most amazing articles written recently. The statistical numbers provided are intriguing. Most I had never heard. How many people know that lawyers have given $730 million to Democrat campaigns and only $270 million to Republicans? How many people know that unions have given $430 million to Democrat campaigns and only $47 million to Republicans? Yet both these groups SCREAM about the problem of $150 million being split evenly between Democrats and Republicans by the pro business lobby.

Read this article. Click on the title above or
here. It will frighten you and also explain why so many are ranting about socialism and fascism by the Obama led Democrat campaign to CHANGE America. The change that is planned is to abandon freedom and replace it with special interst corruption, just like Chicago has had for 60 years.


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