Monday, May 18, 2009

Intelligence Under Siege

Editorial - May 18th, 2009 - Washington Times

When the United States needs its intelligence arms the most - to combat terrorism, track Iran's nuclear-weapons program and fend off foreign espionage - they are under assault from many quarters.


The idea that foreign courts could render judgment on officially sanctioned actions taken by members of the U.S. intelligence community within U.S. territory is unconscionable. The notion that the Justice Department would be complicit in such proceedings is intolerable.

Yet that is what is happening.

I keep telling people they cannot trust anything that comes out of the mouth of the Magic Marxist Messiah. He will say anything in the confident belief that he can talk around it and take both sides of an issue and confuse his opponents (and his friends) until after it is too late to matter.

And that is exactly what he is once again doing with the issue of enhanced interrogations. He believes they are torture. He believes the people in the Bush Administration who felt them necessary to protect us are wrong, and that they should be punished for being wrong. No matter what he says, it is his actions that you have to pay attention to. His action in this matter is to encourage the Muslim sympathetic government of Spain to prosecute these people in foreign courts. As noted in the article, that will encourage others to prosecute any American action (or American) they disagree with. Iran recently proved that America cannot protect even innocents by prosecuting a journalist for spying. The reality is that Obama will not defend our people except by talking. That is a joke.

Forget what he says. Watch what he does. Obama is a liar and he hates the America of our parents. He is changing America because of that hate and the most egregious change is that he is disarming America. Many Americans are going to die because of his hate.


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