Monday, May 25, 2009

North Korea Conducts
Second Nuclear Test

Japan to request UNSC emergency meeting

by Staff - May 25th, 2009 - Asia-Pacific News

'If the nuclear test is confirmed, it is a clear violation of UN Security Council resolution and Japan will take decisive measures,' Chief Cabinet Secretary Takeo Kawamura said at a press conference in response to Pyongyang's reported nuclear test early Monday.

The Japanese government set up a crisis management office, with Prime Minister Taro Aso ordering ministers to gather information related to the nuclear test.

Barack Obama has not reacted yet. Based on past experience he is sure to threaten talks with North Korea without preconditions. If that doesn't work he will be really really peeved and chastise North Korea in a much more annoyed tone as a threat to peace. The next step will be to threaten the possibility of maybe someday stopping our aid and imposing ineffective sanctions. If he is still ignored he may threaten Japan with the need to have a peace conference with North Korea. After all they are a former ally and close to North Korea. That means they are as guilty as America of causing North Korea to act like this.

As they say on the Internet [Sarcasm Off].

What this move by North Korea does mean is that the time when the war we are currently in, World War IV, is moving more and more quickly to its nuclear phase. The nuclear phase of World War II was very short. Two bombs. World War III stayed a cold war, non nuclear, and what fighting went on was relatively minor because of the fear of a nuclear holocaust. The Islamo-fascists have rendered that fear ineffective, since they seem to welcome the idea of dying for their faith. North Korea has never hesitated to sell its technology to Iran, Pakistan, or any group that came up with the money. That means it is very likely that nuclear bombs will find their way into the hands of Al Qaeda or some other radical jihadist group among the Islamo-fascist movement at some point in the near future.

Who trusts that Barack Obama will deal with this crisis effectively?


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