Thursday, May 28, 2009

Obama, Sotomayor, Ricci
And White Male Privilege

by David Paul Kuhn - May 28th, 2009 - Real Clear Politics

The ebb of white male privilege is seen in education where women make up the large majority of college students (even when limited to whites in the middle class) to boys, who are for example twice as likely to be identified as having a learning disability, like Ricci.

The ebb is seen in earnings. Working class women still make less than working class men. But between 1979 and 2003, those women's earnings advanced 12 percent while men's earnings declined 8 percent. White men's earnings have generally stagnated since the early 1970s. Amid this financial crisis, when adjusted for inflation, white men generally make less in 2009 than they did in 1969.

It's seen in the financial crisis. In the past year, according to Bureau of Labor statistics, white men's unemployment rate increased 96 percent. That's only a hair more than black men. But white men's unemployment rate increased about a third more than the rate of white women and about twice the rate of black women.

The Democrat racists refuse to deal with this as it impacts individual white males, preferring to look at grand statistics. However the reality, as noted in that last statistic above, is that women, especially black women, have overwhelmingly benefited from affirmative action and individual white men have been legally screwed.

A perfect example is sports. White men are kept from playing sports they like, even when they are willing to play for free. The reason? There are not enough women who want to play sports and our affirmative action, equal results based society says that unless an equal number of women care enough about sports to play, white men are not permitted to care about sports. Certainly they will not be allowed to actually play a sport. That would be unfair to the women who don't care about sports.

White males are the target of jokes that are not even valid, yet only white men can be joked about today, usually in vile ad hominem attacks. Barack Obama is President but because he is black he is protected by the attitude that blacks cannot be made fun of. Therefore his constant gaffes and his narcissistic arrogance are not fair game. We hear constantly about how the playing field is not level for blacks yet Barack Obama got an ivy league education ONLY because he is black. Now we are told that is not good enough. All white males are punished under the assumption that every black failure and female failure is due to some insidious evil they caused.

There will never be a time when women and blacks will acknowledge they have a legal advantage. At least not until white males start to riot and kill like the black riots that still happen on occasion. Only terror seems to get anyone's attention today. It is time that white males started creating a little terror. Otherwise the racist and sexist legal privilege of blacks and females will continue.


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