Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Obama Attacks Business
With Total Corruption

Did Chrysler play politics with dealer closings?

The answer is yes.

by Rick Moran - May 26th, 2009 - American Thinker

Doug Ross has done a little digging and discovered a disturbing pattern in the choices Chrysler (and the Obama administration) made in closing dealerships. It appears there is a real possibility that if you contributed to Republican candidates or the RNC, your number came up and your dealership was yanked.

Doug explains:
To quickly review the situation, I took all dealer owners whose names appeared more than once in the list. And, of those who contributed to political campaigns, every single one had donated almost exclusively to GOP candidates.

If you think there is any way that this is statistically possible by accident, you are an idiot. How much longer are the business people who supported Obama going to be gulled into thinking that he is not the enemy of business? He is practicing the divide and conquer strategy so beloved of tyrants and will come after them soon. The real question is, "Does knowing this make them mad or afraid?"

America is facing a gut check.

Here is a letter from a Dodge Dealer that everyone who loves America should read. What they are doing to this dealership should make you seethe. Even the close to socialist San Francisco Examiner is concerned about Obama's strategy. Their article can be read here. One of their columnists Michael Barone calls this "ganster government". That is what it is.

It is time for EVERYONE who loves America and our freedom to stand up. Like the Germans in the 30s who are the examples of Martin Neimoller's poem, "First they came for the jews", do not wait until it is from you that Barack Obama and his Democrat minions are taking freedom. Every Democrat must be defeated so that it is clear to all that no party can destroy our freedoms without consequences. There has never been a President or Party that is more corrupt than the majority party in America today.


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