Monday, June 08, 2009

Fossil Fuel Myths

I continue to be frustrated at the stubborn refusal by enviro extremists to acknowledge 'fossil fuels' are a myth. Many scientists share my frustration. Over 60 years ago Russian and Ukrainian scientists provided a theory, and a proof of that theory, that some natural gas and oil were naturally occurring since they had been found in the earth's Archeozoic rock formations. They proved that a combination of iron oxides and calcium carbonates under pressure and heat produce oil. These fuels, oil and natural gas, were created in the Archeozoic formations well before any plants or animals existed on Earth. Thus these fuels were not and could not have derived from fossils.

Though this doesn't prove that some oil might not be from an alternative source such as fossils, it certainly does prove that the claim oil primarily came from fossils is gibberish. To date, no one has actually successfully provided a single proof that the theory behind the term fossil fuels actually happened. As far as I am concerned, that makes it a myth. Because it is certainly true that scientists have been trying to prove this for centuries. It is significant that such proof eludes them.

Conversely, NASA proved conclusively in late 2006 that methane from non biologic sources exists on Saturn's moon Titan. Methane has been found in various other places around our solar system that could not have derived from biologic sources. If methane exists naturally all over the solar system, then the Russian proof of their theory oil is naturally created under the earth is enhanced. Oil, natural gas and methane are still being produced by natural processes that have nothing to do with fossils.

This is supported by real world experience.
Green Island in the Gulf of Mexico was a very successful oil field that was depleted by pumping the oil out. More than 20 years later it was discovered that the field had been more than replaced. More oil was discovered in the same oil formations than had existed at the time of the first discovery. It had, consistent with the Russian theory, been replaced by new oil forced up from great depths in the earth. All old fields are being replaced with new oil. Where is that oil coming from if not naturally from the depths of the earth?

Oil is a naturally occuring resource that is still being created today. Why is it that so many liberals-progressives-socialists and other non scientists simply reject the evidence that fossils as a source for our fuels is a myth? Could it have something to do with the fact that their goal has nothing to do with providing cheap energy for mankind and everything to do with political power over mankind? For that they need people to believe in the myth of scarcity so they can justify denying people a better life "for their own good."


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