Thursday, June 04, 2009

I, Barack Obama

by Terence P. Jeffrey - June 3rd, 2009 - CNS News

President Obama used the first-person singular pronoun "I" 34 times on Monday when he announced he was nationalizing General Motors.

He used “Congress” once and “law” not at all.

As Obama described it, the government takeover of General Motors was Obama’s decision made for Obama’s reasons.

Nero could not have made a more Cesarean pronouncement than the self righteous proclamation made by Back Obama about the dismantling of the free enterprise system.

“Understand, we’re making these investments not because I want to spend the American people’s tax dollars, but because I want to protect them,” said I, Barack. “What we are doing--what I have no interest in doing--is running GM.”

Saul Alinsky would be so proud. Deny what you are doing and insist your goals are the opposite of what you truly intend. This is the essence of the Alinsky method. How many more times can the Magic Marxist Messiah make such obviously deceitful claims before the MSM stops allowing him a pass? Actually, he can do it forever, since the MSM is totally aligned with the concept of making America the leading socialist nation in the world. Obama owns the MSM just like he owns GM.

“And I want to remind everyone that if you are considering buying a GM car during this period of restructuring, your warranties will be safe and government-backed,” said Obama

I wonder how the Ford Motor Company and its many dealerships in America feel, knowing that their tax dollars are going to pay for the warranties of the cars sold by their competitor down the street?

Is this a wakeup call yet? Will the Cesarean arrogance of this pronouncement be enough? Or will the continuation of the "Barack Obama apologizes for evil America" speech today in Egypt tip off the people who support him that Barack Obama hates our nation even though he thinks he rules our nation? Is there anything that will awaken the Democrats to realize the evil monster they have unleashed? Or do Democrats crave power so much that they will destroy America to rule?


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