Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What Happened
To The Suicide Bombers
Of Jerusalem?

by Christopher Hitchens - July 13th, 2009 - Slate.com

It is sometimes important to write about the things that are not happening and the dogs that are not barking.

To do so, of course, can provide an easy hostage to fortune, which is why a lot of columnists prefer not to risk it. For all I know, some leering fanatic is preparing to make me look silly even as I write. But I ask anyway: Whatever happened to the suicide bombers of Jerusalem?

This is classic Hitchens. Articulate and well written and overwhelming in its argument. I don't always agree with Hitch, but I always love his writings. Israel has always been the target of hate filled old men. Jimmy Carter is one. Anti-Semitic and vitriolic in his hate, few can tolerate his constant litany of hate for Jews and Israel. Obama is starting to remind of one also. I don't think he has the personal motivation of public humiliation that Carter has, but if he keeps attacking Israel and backs them in to a corner, I wonder if he will not be exposed as well.


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