Saturday, July 11, 2009

Obama Is Ashamed Of America...
... Again

Barack Obama on the defensive at G-8

Josh Gerstein - July 10th, 2009 - Politico

Obama tried to spur the climate-change talks by making a clean break with what he suggested was the United States’ record of dragging its feet on efforts to tackle global warming.

“I know that in the past, the United States has sometimes fallen short of meeting our responsibilities. So, let me be clear: Those days are over,” he said, speaking to reporters just after the Major Economies Forum meeting wrapped up. “One of my highest priorities as president is to drive a clean energy transformation of our economy, and over the past six months, the United States has taken steps towards this goal.”

Barack Obama has now acknowledged his embarrassment at the shameful conduct of America in every foreign nation he has visited since he was elected. Prior to the election he only apologized for America a couple of times. But since the election he has been a non stop apology machine. Now he is apologizing because America has not been stupid enough to buy the man-caused-global-warming lies. Of course he is desperate to get this made the rule of law around the world before the fact it is a liberal scam is well known.

Well for some of us we can at least respond, it is mutual. Obama being our President makes us ashamed too.


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