Monday, September 28, 2009

Literary Lion Obama
Will Roar No More

by Jack Cashill - September 28th, 2009 - American Thinker

This article documents new evidence of the literary fraud perpetrated by Barack Obama. He claims to have written two autobiographies in the form of memoirs. Forget the arrogance of writing an autobiography by someone who had accomplished so little at the time of their writing one, much less two. Forget that Obama spends millions on lawyers to assure his academic career remains secret. How narcissistic must you be to insist that you wrote two different books that are so clearly the work of another?

As Jack Cashill wrote:

From textual sleuthing, I had come to a comparable conclusion more than a year ago, namely that Obama had "turned the framework of his life over to terrorist emeritus Bill Ayers who roughed it in with his own darker sentiments and experiences." Embedded here is a visual summary of this research, produced by Chris Kusnell. (Part I) (Part II)

What is most amusing about this episode is the fact that liberals like Obama think having a couple of books supposedly written by them is just as good as being an actual author. The continuing dominance on the best seller lists by conservative books truly galls the supposedly intellectual elite liberals.

To conservatives the secrecy of Obama about his real history, so clearly intended to deceive, makes the books of Obama a great joke. Nearly as funny as the amateurish leader who cannot give a speech without "ghost written" words on a teleprompter. The poster showing Obama as the evil jokester from "Batman" is the most telling of insults. Liberals may still be in awe of Obama, but conservatives merely hold him in contempt. He is the ultimate affirmative action token.

The very best comment on this article was posted by Stuart Williamson, "Speaking of adulation: there are at least two large, worshipful books in the children's sections of the book chains on The Great I Am. In one of them there is a full page of Obama with a golden halo, and another of him, head bowed in a church. The accompanying text says that, one Sunday, as He prayed for guidance, God spoke to Him, saying 'Press forward, for eternity' while tears streamed down His cheeks."

Liberals are writing such adulation about Obama because they cannot accept the truth. He has learned to hate white people with a sincere grin on his face. He never lets his true emotion slip past that grin. His control amazes them as they cannot hide their own hate of conservatives nearly so well. So they let their admiration become adulation. Most of them are atheists. Still they have to have their 'God', even if they deny there is one. They have chosen Obama. In my opinion they should have chose someone smarter.


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