Wednesday, September 23, 2009

White People Need To Be Forced To Step Down So Blacks Can Have Power

by Seton Motley - September 23rd, 2009 - Newsbusters

"Mark Lloyd is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)'s Chief Diversity Officer, a.k.a. the Diversity Czar." He is the Barack Obama point man on the creation of a Negro Nation to replace America by creating rules to take away freedom of speech.

Lloyd now sits astride the FCC, which regulates and oversees a very finite world indeed. That being the radio dial, and the limited number of broadcast licenses that can be issued.

As Lloyd has said repeatedly if not exhaustively in writing, he thinks too few white people hold too many of this finite resource. And he has designed (in his 2006 book Prologue to a Farce) and co-authored (the 2007 Center for American Progress report The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio) a fee, fine and regulatory nightmare to effect a reduction in the number of the licenses they hold so that they may be redistributed to "more people of color, gays" and "other people."

Barack Obama does not want you to realize that he embraces Reverend Jeremiah Wright's extreme honkey hating views. He calls himself the "post racial" President, while each and every day he works to replace white America with black America, and give blacks power to take (i.e. redistribute) the wealth of whites.

Glen Beck has called Obama racist. It created a furor when he said it. Perhaps in this politically correct world where blacks insist that they cannot be racist, only whites can, the term is wrong. However I would like to know what you call someone who hates whites and seriously plans to "redistribute" their wealth and power if the term "racist" cannot be used? It damn sure is not "post racial".


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