Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Obama's Bizare Beliefs

There have been a number of articles that have come out recently that indicate to me that Barack Obama is delusional in some of his positions. Two that stand out are linked below.

The first of these is his explanation of how he can say that he is certain that illegal aliens will not receive benefits under his health care plan. He simply proposes to
"Legalize illegals to get them health care". Of course with that confusing position it can be argued he is not lying when he says his health plan will not fund care for illegals, though his position is not one that most Americans not support.

The second of these is his position that
"We need to bail out newspapers or blogs will run the World ". Old line "Main Stream Media" supports him overwhelmingly. Blogs do not, though he certainly has a large number who do. However a press that is not uniformly subservient is not acceptable to Barack Obama. So he plans to take money from tax payers and bail out the failing newspapers that support him over fear that blogs will "run the world"? Blogs are the ultimate debating society. You can find someone on every side of an issue. So how can a debating society run the world when issues are openly debated?

I think it is honest to say these positions are delusional and dishonest. Barack Obama is not open about either of these positions though he occasionally states them in groups that support the ideas. He is confident that his subservient press will not expose them to a broader audience. How did we elect someone as President who thinks it is okay to secretly harbor beliefs that he hides to deceive the public?


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