Monday, September 21, 2009

As Acorn Falls, Democrats
Would Be Wise to Duck

by Kevin Hassett - September 21st, 2009 - Bloomberg News

At least until last week, Democrats at the highest levels aggressively defended their political ally. That quickly changed. Last Monday, the Senate voted to sever federal funding for the organization. The House followed three days later. The U.S. Census Bureau also severed ties with Acorn, after planning to work in conjunction with the group on the 2010 census.

These steps are too little, too late. Democratic leadership has been running interference for the organization for years.

This is going to get rough. The Democrats have been so intimately allied with this corrupt organization that they can not credibly distance themselves at this point. However with Democrats controlling all the levers of power in our nation, I find myself doubtful that even the open corruption displayed by the recent videos will be enough to trigger anything that truly stops, or even slows down, ACORN activities. Already, the bills to stop funding ACORN are being carefully structured so that the complex oganization of affiliates will not be excluded from the tax payer funded gravy train.

In other words, the same people will get the same money, and do the same work they do now. It will simply be called something else. Even as Democrats have stopped calling themselves "liberals" because it became an unpopular term... they are now "progressives". "ACORN' will change its structure and its name and next week supposedly 'new' groups will be using tax payer dollars to illegally fund Democrat Party activities, just as they do now under ACORN. Barack Obama was one of the trainers of ACORN. He used to brag about this. Now he acts exactly as he did with Reverend Jeremiah Wright. "Why I had no idea that Reverend Wright was a honkey hating ractist." "why I had no idea that ACORN people were corrupt 'community organizers'."

Yeah, right.


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