Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Media Malpractice:
Tom Brokaw's World Implodes

by Jeffrey Lord - September 15th, 2009 - American Spectator

On the verge of being nominated for president on the Republican ticket, Senator Barry Goldwater is, says CBS journalist Daniel Schorr, heading to Germany for a vacation after the GOP Convention. Germany? Why Germany? The trip was, said reporter Schorr, "a move by Senator Goldwater to link up" with the far right-wing of German politics. Meaning, of course, the Nazis. Goldwater would not only be consorting with these Nazis, he was scheduled to stay at Berchtesgaden, the infamous country estate of Adolf Hitler. In fact, Goldwater had no such plans. None. Zero. Zip. But it was a vivid story that successfully added a few brush strokes to the portrait the media and his opponents sought to create (as in the CBS "Thunder on the Right" documentary) that Barry Goldwater was a far-right wing extremist, a nut case. Said a still angry Goldwater decades later of the attempt to paint him as a Hitler-loving Nazi-sympathizer (Goldwater was a Major General in the U.S. Air Force Reserve and a World War Two veteran): "The CBS broadcast was false, and Schorr's was the most irresponsible reporting I've witnessed in my life. The New York Times followed with an untrue account of its own."

This is just one of a string of anecdotes portraying the liberal track record of lies and distortions over 5 decades in America. This article, structured as a letter to Tom Brokaw, most recognized among the current generation of liberal liars in the mainstream media, tears open the fraud being perpetrated on the American people.

I doubt it will be answered. It will be ignored as all exposes on this bias have been ignored during the 50 years of liberal hypocrisy. However, as noted in the article, the Internet is making the fraud more obvious and more difficult to continue. The American people are seeing the fraud. The only question? Is it too late? It is hard to argue that 53% of America voted for an avowed Marxist. Anyone who did not know that Barack Obama was an avowed Marxist is an idiot. The evidence was there. However many chose to believe in "hope and change" despite the evidence. That willful refusal to accept reality is exactly what Tom Brokaw and the other powerful people in the mainstream media count on.

I suspect that Brokaw will ignore this article, and its accurate portrayal of his corruption, exactly as other liberals have ignored this accusation during the many decades of their dominance of the press. Losing that dominance will not matter as long as they can deliver the majority of votes to left wing extremists such as Barack Obama.


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