Friday, October 02, 2009

World Rejects Obama

Early exit stuns Chicago

by David Heinzmann - October 2nd, 2009 - Chicago Tribune

Chicago has been eliminated from Olympic balloting in the early rounds of voting by the International Olympic Committee, a stunningly swift defeat for the U.S. bid personally pitched by President Barack Obama.

Barack Obama has alienated many of the world's nations that have always been our allies. He has made clear his animosity for England, Germany, France, India, Poland, Czech, Canada and Australia. They have responded in kind. Though it was only recently under George W. Bush that India had become a reliable ally, the rest of these nations have long sided with America and been our supporters. It has to be brutally humiliating to realize how little influence Barack Obama has in the world when America is defeated so completely. We were not even close. Out in the first round.

Obama's new favorite nations, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Russia and any other nation that embraces Communism or Socialism, are still our nation's enemies. Did Obama really think that he could gain their friendship by selling out our allies?

No one trusts this buffoon.


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