Monday, January 04, 2010

The TEA Party Movement
Does Not Need a Leader!

by Lloyd Marcus - January 4th, 2010 - American Thinker

A recent article predicted that the tea party movement will fail and fade away because it does not have an official leader promoting a single agenda. I disagree.

After attending a Florida tea party, Rhonda Lochiatto, an elementary school teacher, decided to run for school board. In her own words, "I am tired of the mismanagement of funds that goes on in the school district and of the current policies and procedures that are taking place when it comes to grading, etc."

Rhonda epitomizes what the tea party movement is all about: concerned citizens and true patriots stepping up to the plate and following their passions and gifts to help rescue America from the leftists trying to change her forever.

The TEA Party movement has more passion than any libertarian or conservative movement since the end of the 1970s brought us Ronald Reagan. The backlash at that time was driven by the election of a man who was committed to the global socialist cause. Jimmy Carter was a true believer in socialism and the evils of America whenever America was proud of itself. Carter was never proud of America other than when we criticized our own nation. Carter was ashamed of our nation, just as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Rahm Emmanuel are ashamed of our nation. They all profess their pride in Saul Alinsky, who hated our nation. If they don't share his hate, why would they brag that they admire him?

What I like about the TEA Party movement is that they are willing to get angry and fight. They have rekindled the warrior spirit of our nation. We have become once again Freedom Warriors. Though we don't all share the exact same agenda, each of us agrees with the basic premise that we want to be free and don't believe freedom comes from government but comes from the absence of government.

Here are a few of the various TEA Party organizations that are stirring the movement to fight against the socialism of the modern Democrat Party.

They are not alone. Many others can easily be found. It is not an organization that has a single leader and that is its strength. It is about fighting for freedom, not agendas.

One of the best summations of what the TEA Party movement is all about came from Debbie Dooley, one of the movement leaders. "The tea parties began on February 27th, and in the ensuing tea parties, millions took to the streets protesting the policies of bailouts, higher taxes, socialized medicine, big government spending and government control that President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Sen Reid advocated. Suddenly, millions of ordinary Americans that had previously been inactive politically, began attending Congressional Town Hall Meetings and contacting their elected representatives. The tea parties became a national phenomenon."

That phenomenon is still growing as more people drop the complacency of the 20th century and join the fight of the 21st century.


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