Sunday, January 10, 2010

When Scientific Fraud Kills Millions

by James Lewis - January 9th, 2010 - American Thinker

Scientific fraud often ends up killing people. Joseph Stalin's fraudulent "agronomist" Trofim Lysenko caused harvest failures when Soviet agriculture was ordered to follow his bizarre pseudo-science. "Scientific Marxism" killed 100,000,000 people, according to Marxist historians themselves.

The medical truth about the AIDS epidemic, that it was communicated by anal intercourse, especially among men, was suppressed for decades, causing thousands of more young men to die. And now it seems that the global warming fraud, just one aspect of broader EcoFraud, is killing people in the Third World. The proximate cause? A doubling of food prices. Why? Because of the diversion of food crops to biofuels.

Rachel Carson, author of "Silent Srping" and the person most responsible for the ban on DDT, can be personally held responsible for the deaths of close to 100 million human beings. The case for the truth of that is unarguable by any but the willfully ignorant. What she cannot claim is to have saved the brown pelican on the Carolina coast. That is easily disputable.

Yet we still are faced with the environmental movement which Carson fostered supporting stupid-science based programs that destroy human life. The biofuels insanity is a perfect example.

Study after study proves that there is almost no savings in carbon energy usage or reduction of environmental damage from the biofuel programs. NONE! Yet they are still growing even though human beings are dying in the millions from the consequences. Like the catastrophe of the DDT idiocy, the consequences of biofuels idiocy is exempt from any concern by those who are promoting it.

The environmentalists are outraged if you call them what they are, but the truth is they are genocidal monsters.


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