Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Governor Perry
Defeats Hutchison
In Texas GOP Primary

by Kelley Shannon and Jay Root - March 3rd, 2010 - Associated Press

Texas Gov. Rick Perry tapped into a rising wave of anti-Washington ire and rode it to an easy Republican primary win over Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, once seen as the candidate who could block his march toward four more years in the state's highest office.

Perry emerged from the rancorous battle with Texas' senior senator and a third candidate backed by some in the tea party movement to face a Democrat in many ways his polar opposite. Former Houston Mayor Bill White, a calm consensus-builder, easily defeated six opponents to win his party's nomination.

I met Governor Perry when he supported Fred Smith for Governor here in NC and spent most of a day riding around with him and talking politics (see picture at top). I was impressed. He is one of the very few politicians I have met who understand economics and free enterprise. I am not surprised that he has taken actions that some conservatives don't like. He is similar to Ronald Reagan in being more of a libertarian than a pure conservative. As a result he supports small business, the engine of commerce. I am glad he won.

Clearly, the two writers of this article are not. It only took until the second paragraph of the article for them to take a dig at Perry as not being a "consensus-builder", but then what do you expect from the progressive-socialists of the Associated Press?


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