Wednesday, May 19, 2010

China's Private Party

by Richard McGregor - May 15th, 2010 - Wall Street Journal

On the desks of the heads of China's 50-odd biggest state companies, amid the clutter of computers, family photos and other fixtures of the modern CEO's office life, sits a red phone. The executives and their staff who jump to attention when it rings know it as "the red machine," perhaps because to call it a mere phone does not do it justice. "When the 'red machine' rings," a senior executive of a state bank told me, "you had better make sure you answer it."

It is clear that China is becoming a leader in the global socialist movement. They have attained this power by carefully hiding the power of the communist elite within their nation. It is equally clear they see America as their number one enemy. Almost every action they take is either to weaken our nation or increase their control over our nation. Yet little of our government, our defense forces or our press has taken notice.

Part of this is because China has worked very hard to create ties with the elitists in our Universities. They hire them as consultants. They listen to them in their areas of expertise. They have subverted them to the strengthening of China as a way to prove that socialism is a better system than free enterprise.


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