Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hamas Rises In The West

by Caroline Glick - June 15th, 2010 - The Jerusalem Post

Led by US President Barack Obama, the West has cast its lot with Hamas. It is not surprising that Obama is siding with Hamas. His close associates are leading members of the pro-Hamas Free Gaza outfit. Obama’s friends, former Weather Underground terrorists Bernadine Dohrn and William Ayres participated in a Free Gaza trip to Egypt in January. Their aim was to force the Egyptians to allow them into Gaza with 1,300 fellow Hamas supporters. Their mission was led by Code Pink leader and Obama fund-raiser Jodie Evans. Another leading member of Free Gaza is James Abourezk, a former US senator from South Dakota.

All of these people have open lines of communication not only to the Obama White House, but to Obama himself.

Obama has made his sympathy for the Muslim Brotherhood clear several times since entering office. The Muslim Brotherhood’s progeny include Hamas, al-Qaida and the Egyptian Islamic Jihad. Last June, Obama infuriated the Egyptian government when he insisted on inviting leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood to attend his speech at Al Azhar University in Cairo. His administration’s decision to deport Hamas deserter and Israeli counterterror operative Mosab Hassan Yousef to the Palestinian Authority where he will be killed is the latest sign of its support for radical Islam. [Emphasis added!]

Given Obama’s attitude toward jihadists and the radical leftists who support them, his decision to support Hamas against Israel makes sense. What is alarming however is how leaders of the free world are now all siding with Hamas.

I had not read any of the top web sites in the Middle East for a couple of months as I have been focused on a local political campaign that I see as important to North Carolina. However the actions by Obama to subvert the Israelis in the recent blockade busting efforts got me back into following what is happening there.

What is happening? Obama is taking actions that will almost certainly lead to war. With Obama as our President, Israel will stand alone. Turkey has already moved 180 degrees from their previous support of Israel and has joined Iran in efforts to eliminate Israel. What is frightening about that is Turkey has the largest and most powerful army in the region. Though it was actions by Germany and France that were mostly the cause of this reversal, Obama's reversal has certainly not helped.

The anti-semitic attitudes of Barack Obama and his followers are permeating the entire Democrat Party. These attitudes are subtle and the people exhibiting them are outraged when you point them out. You will find few who will acknowledge what they are saying and doing is anti-semitic. It is also true that if you read the MSM in America, the degree of risk that American anti-semitism will lead to active war in the Middle East is ignored. That makes it easier for these attitudes to fester as the people who have them don't think it is a big deal.

That does not mean war is not about to happen. It simply means that you cannot trust anything the MSM writes on the subject.


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