Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Obama Doesn’t Have A Clue

by Dick Morris - June 1st, 2010 - The Hill

Conservatives may dislike Obama because he is a leftist. But liberals are coming to dislike him because he is not a competent progressive.

Meanwhile, the nation watches nervously as the same policies Obama has brought to our nation are failing badly and publicly in Europe. When Moody’s announces that it is considering downgrading bonds issued by the government of the United States of America, we find ourselves, suddenly, in deep trouble. We have had deficits before. But never have they so freaked investors that a ratings agency considered lowering its opinion of our solvency.

The real question is what happens after the November elections?

I think at this point Republicans will take at least one of the two houses of congress. However what they do with that power is still in question. There is no agreement among Republicans on what kind of job George W. Bush performed, much less what we do to move forward. Bush abused executive privilege with the same arrogance of Barack Obama. In fact, Obama is truly following in Bush's steps in his use of Presidential edicts to write new laws, totally ignoring the legislature. Bush ran up deficits that appeared huge at the time, and only in retrospect to the much worse deficits of Obama do they not seem outrageous. Bush promoted wasteful government stimulus and Wall Street bailouts with indifference to the consequences for our nation. Yet most of the Republicans in congress went along with the rape of our finances under Bush. They were not then, nor are they now, outraged at Bush's progressive domestic agenda. Will they go along with Obama if he sprinkles a little Republican pork into his massive funding bills?

Calvin Coolidge proved during the extreme recession of 1920 how quickly you can turn around a nation if you believe in free enterprise and cut back government with a vengeance. His acts led to the roaring 20s and the greatest boom time in our nation's history. Yet most Republicans react to his prescription for turning our nation around with horror. There is no political will because most elected officials do not understand free enterprise or economics at all. Nor is there an ounce of political courage among most of the Republicans who get elected.

We are staring at a truly horrible future. Only some in the TEA Parties seem to get it.


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