Sunday, July 18, 2010

Obama Lies

Obama lawsuit invites fortified state militia

by Ray Hartwell - July 16th, 2010 - The Washington Times

Arizona has enacted a law that enables state and local police to support federal immigration enforcement, in a carefully circumscribed manner. This moderate statute is under vicious attack by the Obama administration and assorted amnesty advocates. Yet Arizona and her sister states in the Southwest could take dramatically stronger actions to bring order to the border. And they would have both history and the Constitution on their side.

Obama lies when he says that ONLY the federal government can protect our borders. In truth, the founders were not unaware of the potential for a bigoted President who for political reasons would refuse to protect some states. They empowered the states in those circumstances to defend themselves. This article accurately reports that the Constitution permits Arizona to defend its borders far more aggressively than their new law provides.

They can actually create a militia and defend their border against the invasion. Signs placed miles inside the Arizona borders by the federal government concede that parts of the state have been invaded. That is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that invasion has taken place. That is all that is needed under the Constitution for Arizona to do whatever they need to do to respond to the invasion, up to and including creating a militia and waging war against the cartels and a Mexican government in blatant collusion with the invaders who have entered our nation.


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