Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Liberal Piety And The Memory Of 9/11

by Dorothy Rabinowitz - August 4th, 2010 - Wall Street Journal

Americans may have lacked for much in the course of their history, but never instruction in social values. The question today is whether Americans of any era have ever confronted the bombardment of hectoring and sermonizing now directed at those whose views are deemed insufficiently enlightened—an offense regularly followed by accusations that the offenders have violated the most sacred principles of our democracy.

It doesn't take a lot to become the target of such a charge. There is no mistaking the beliefs on display in these accusations, most recently in regard to the mosque about to be erected 600 feet from Ground Zero. Which is that without the civilizing dictates of their superiors in government, ordinary Americans are lost to reason and decency. They are the kind of people who—as a recent presidential candidate put it—cling to their guns and their religion.

Progressive self righteousness is probably expected if you accept Ann Coulter's premise that their ideology stands as the religion for these zealots. I think it does. However what is interesting is that Ms. Rabinowitz has ridiculed these extremists and dissected the lack of rational thought in their positions without resorting to that premise.

Progressives were appalled at 9/11 because they rejected the patriotism it brought forth. They have worked for years to redirect that surge of emotion into hatred for those who felt patriotism and to ridicule it. As Ms. Rabinowitz notes they always do it as if they are preaching to an ignorant rabble.

It is a truly delusional conclusion to pretend that there is not an Islamic Jihadist movement dedicated to the destruction of America - yet tolerated by the vast majority of Muslims even if they do not actively admit supporting it. When a religion proclaims as a part of its core faith that any Muslim can lie to a non believer, what rational person accepts anything they say as anything but an attempt to deceive?

A glorious high rise, dedicated to the supremacy of Islam, towering over a site where Islamic martyrs attacked what most of them call 'the great Satan', cannot be rejected by the victims of that assault because it violates what? The requirement that Americans be gullible idiots who do not realize we are at war? Only progressives are that stupid.

Anyone who doubts the intent of the high rise Mosque need only look to the plans to dedicate it on 9/11/2011. Who doubts that such a dedication ceremony on that date will not be appluaded by our Islamic enemies as a triumph over the 'great Satan'?

Progressive politicians like Bloomberg and Obama insist we cannot doubt the sincerity of these practitioners of a religion that brags about lying to us? We can't demand that the source of the hundreds of millions of dollars needed to build this monument to a religion that is clearly a religion of hate be identified before we allow its construction? Even better why can't we say this group cannot build this insult to our nation until they PROVE they are not enemies of our nation?

As far as I am concerned that will only be proved when they eliminate from their beliefs the idea that they can lie to us. When they can prove that deceitful hypocrisy has been abandoned to my satisfaction, then we will talk about the Mosque.


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