Saturday, September 11, 2010

Unremembering 9/11

by Bernie Quigley - September 10th, 2010 - Pundits Blog

President Obama, whom Wall Street Journal columnist Daniel Henninger says is beginning to sound like “the most embittered American president this country has ever known,” will not remember 9/11 well this weekend, and it will mar his presidency.

He will be at the wrong place at the wrong time. He will make it feel that in some insidious way it was somehow our fault, as so much seems to be our fault now.

No surprise there. To Barack Obama, everything is the fault of the evil Americans.

There. I have said it. I do not doubt that Barack Obama hates the nation I love. Barack Obama wants to fundamentally transform the richest and greatest nation on earth. What he has not yet figured out is that everything he believes is wrong.

He thought that we could spend our way to prosperity. He has failed and in the process he has brought us to the brink of bankruptcy. The litany of things on which Obama is wrong is not worth documenting here. For the issue is not that Barack Obama is wrong. The issue is that millions of Americans could listen to him chastise our nation and think that it was right to vote for him.

I wonder if they will praise Obama for his insistence we must "forget" 9/11 and "put it behind us." This war with Islam will not end just because Obama does not want to fight it. Cowards, like Obama (and the people who voted for him) do not win wars. They lose them. It is going to be a challenge for America to win a war when the man who is supposed to lead us - will not - can not - lead.


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